Thursday, April 25, 2013

British Colonial Retreat

The Slater family recently left a huge home in the country of 17 years to downsize to a more manageable home in old town Katy. Sometimes coming into a new place with a bunch of old things can seem overwhelming but a little thinking outside the box can transfer standard boxed room into something truly unique.

So here's the break down of what i did with things they already owned in their house. All they would need to buy now is bedding. thats a total win.

  • I added an 8x10 old rug to bring color to the room it fit like a glove.  This concept has become my new obsession and i might have to add this element to every home i set my hands to decorate. Rethinking the placement of this rugs is also a great way to repurpose an old rug.  
  • Old rugs can be overwhelming in color or dated in design, so my tip is flipping over the rug so you get a muted version of it that can be less daunting in your makeover adventure.
You can see here the difference in the sides of the carpets. 
  • After laying carpet down i set up antique twin beds they had in storage. Instead of using a head board and foot board I used the two end pieces to create a daybed. I secretly want to shove this amazing bed in my purse and take in home with me. I love it! 
  • i took them apart and added white shutters (that the Slaters had bought at a thrift store) to the walls instead of using them as blinds I repurposed them as art to set off the bed bringing dimension to the room.
  • I took a table they were using as a tv stand in another room to add as a night stand. The height of table is perfect because its high enough to be able to reach over bed post bars.

  • I grabbed this beautiful desk they had in the master hiding under a tv, its so perfect in this little room of adventure. It makes me want to go old school and write a handwritten love letter to someone. Old sap right here. 
  • One of my favorite things is to add as many personal items in a rooms as possible. You want to make your home feel like a. someone lives there and b. you're that someone. I hate going into home where it looks like someone walked in a room and bought the whole set...gag. Sorry if thats you but seriously its so boring.  I asked the Slaters if they had any instruments in their house that i had not seen, (most people have instruments are in their cases collecting dust, so its just not you, you're in luck there are others) and they did. i love bringing them into the design because it adds funk and hopefully inspires the owner to pick up and get their groove on. So insert their banjo... which has to be one of the coolest looking and playing instruments out there. I swoon for banjos. 
  • I then grabbed the armoire that was in the other room with a queen bed and brought it into the room. It fit better in this space because of the smaller bed and because of the size and it's function, it grounds the look. I personally think are like an oversize travelers trunk. 
  • Found this boat baskets in storage, we were going to use for bread, and decided they'd be better on the wall. Carbs will kill you. :) 
  • The more interesting non-matching lamps the better. Using lamps instead of over head lights literally will change the feel of the room. It will bring a glow to one's face rather than beating down on one's head.  
  • Lastly I grabbed a live plant to tie up the room. I'm a totally advocate for adding live plants to  rooms to reminds us that we are among the living not the dead. It also brings color and freshness to a dull or an older home. 
In 4 hours beautiful transformation can happen, just have an open heart and mind and who knows what you will create.  

Happy travels even if its to the other room.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

welcome baby jonah

A couple months back some friends and I were waiting for our dear friends, Jonathan and Lauren Camey's, arrival of their baby boy Jonah.

So the best way to wait is to have a party!!! We set the theme for baby boy and bow ties, keeping it fun loving yet classy because have you met his mother Lauren?

Anyway it turned out beautiful and all the work was worth it because we are in love with little mr. jonah.

Keeping the front simple with non-complicated entertainment is great. Guest sign in with space for addy and gift. Diapers to write message on for late night changing encouragement. And a blessing for the sweet baby to come. 
Personalized lightboxes. Click here or the how to.
 Chalkboard paint on mason jars is a great way for guest to keep track of their glass and not get cooties. 
 Brown paper sacks cut in half and sewn around edge to hold silverware.
Paper pom poms over table are a great alternative to a centerpiece as well as creating patterns with strips of your fabric.

Welcome to the world Jonah Camey. We love you.


Friday, April 12, 2013

shrinky dink a dink

Does this look familiar?

I don't know about you but growing up i LOVED shrinky dinks and easy bake ovens and when i got a chance to revisit my childhood I seized my opportunity. 

Check out my latest segment on Livewell Network's Mirror Mirror where I showed Rebecca Spera how to bring back your childhood while getting crafty and being green. (as in re-purposing your throw-aways) 

>>>>Here's the link to the Shrinky Dink Jewelry On Mirror Mirror<<<<

Shrinky Dink bracelets 


#6 Plastic Takeout Containers
Permanent Markers
Jump Rings
Bracelet Clasp
Hole Punch
Fingernail Clippers
Small Needle-Nose Pliers (Optional)

Make sure you have a recycled #6 plastic container. Cut the flat part out of your to-go container.

Color a pattern or scribbles with your markers onto the plastic container.

There are so many different colors with permanent markers so its easy to get creative!

Cut large circles (for earrings) or squares/rectangles (for bracelets/necklaces) out of the plastic. Use nail clippers to round the corners of your pieces. 
Arrange pieces on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. 
Pop in the oven for about 30 seconds to one minute on 350-degrees. Watch them until they shrink up and lay back down flat. 
Let the pieces cool. Use jump rings to connect the pieces to make your jewelry! 

Bubble Wrap Bracelet

I didn't take pics of the bubble wrap bracelet but you can always follow along the segment and/or the step-by-step instructions below.


Bubble Wrap
Parchment Paper
Pearls for jewelry (with holes punched)
Circle Pattern (optional)
An Iron
Jewelry Supplies (bracelet chain, necklace chain, jump rings, clasps)

How to:

Preheat iron on wool setting, no steam (dry).
Cut bubble wrap into eight large equal pieces.
Layer two pieces of bubble wrap on top of each other, inside two pieces of parchment paper (or folded piece).
Iron both sides of the parchment paper until the bubble wrap melts together into a thin sheet.
Put two more pieces of bubble wrap around the piece you just ironed, put back in between the parchment paper and iron on both sides again.
Repeat with the rest of your bubble wrap (two more times).
Cut circles out of the flattened bubble wrap sheet.
Punch holes at the top of each piece with a thick needle.
Attach pearls and bubble wrap charms to your bracelet or necklace in any pattern you choose!

Thanks Rebecca and Sabrina for another great segment!

That's a wrap!!!