Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I love lightboxes. I wish i could have them for every occasion and in every room. They remind me of the carnivals I never went to growing up. To me they convey whimsy and warmth.

When my dear friend Brandi Lisenbe asked me to inspire bloggers for the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday party, I thought what a great opportunity to build my own lightbox.

So here I am sharing my lightbox love...

  • First get a foam board and cut to size of whatever you are going to frame it out with, I cut mine to fit this awesome antique frame. Also, I have found that foam boards run between $4-6 at most places but if you hit up the Dollar store you can score by paying guessed it $1.00. 

  • Next you want to wrap your board in wrapping paper, I choose a gold foil for the holidays. Then write out what you are wanting to display. My personal choice was but the options are endless...Congrats, Happy Birthday, Merry get the drift. I added circles within the letters where I would wanted to see the lights shine through.  

  • Grab a handy dandy ice pick and poke holes where you put those conveniently placed circles within the letters.

  •  Now it's time to flip over your board and start pushing through Christmas lights wherever you see a hole.

  • From the back it might look like a hot mess but when you turn it around its a masterpiece in the making. took 200 lights, which means you will probably use tons of lights depending on how long your words are, so choose wisely. 

  • Flip it back around and place it in your frame of choice and Wham-o Bam-o a personalized lightbox!

Let there be light!

I couldn't just do one, could I?!

I absolutely love it and I'm sure all you fellow friends out there will be seeing one of these gems at my next party. 

So lets Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever...All Night Long!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Enhance Your Holiday Table

Tis the Season to Get Festive... Click on link for my latest segment on Mirror Mirror's Holiday Special
( I come in on the scene with tips at 4:25)

1. The Foundation.
Using wrapping paper as your tablecloth for your event is not only great bc of the diverse variety but also its an easy clean up at the end of the night...we'll call that a huge WIN!

2. Reflection.
Who doesn’t have a mirror in their home? Adding mirrors are great for d├ęcor, reflecting light and can also be re-purposed as platters. And if needed, a convenient way to check for food in your teeth...Always need to be picture ready just in case. You're welcome. 

3. Let there be light.
Incorporating Christmas lights as your light source for your table and turning off all overhead light will not only bring a festive feel but also add some texture to your table. Throw a mesh ribbon on top of the lights to hide wire and soften the light for a heavenly glow.

4. Personalize.
Anything you can add to your table that makes it uniquely yours and shows how you put a personal touch to it will make it a royal hit. I love using mason jars adding a swipe of chalkboard paint on them and allowing guest to write their names on it so no one gets cooties... I mean who wants cooties? Also, you can use the chalkboard paint on mirrors, vases, platters, ect. as your personal party label maker. Its easy cleanup up with soapy water and a plastic scraper.

5. Glit-Dazzle.
By just adding glitter to things you already have can create a sparkle to any party; bottles, tree limbs, candles, platters, ect… hello Glit-dazzle or Glit-dazzle me pretty.

Last suggestion: Throw parties with people you love. Not only will they be a great help to you, but memories will be made and love will be shared. Special thanks to my beautiful and dear friend Kelly who came out to help!

Thank you Rebecca, Sabrina, and the LiveWell Network for having me on and thanks for continued education on bettering oneself.

Merry Christmas Ya'll. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012


The little pink box of love called BIRCHBOX ...

I think if I asked any woman if they would love to get box full of beauty samples the answer would most definitely be yes... I mean doesn't everyone love samples from the ones at Sam's on a weekend or packets at the makeup counter?! Well there is a great company out there that is meeting our love/ needs called BIRCHBOX . Once a month for $10 bucks you can get a box full of samples of new products that are out on the market, some of which are full sized products. How rad is that?!

So I finally got the arrival of my first box and it was truly a lovely moment. I was all smiles as I laid my eyes on that pretty pink box. Let the fun begin...

the brown box
Ta Dah....
the insides
 First product I got was Benefit's Refined Finish and Foaming Clean face wash. The face wash has a silky feel and a delightful scent; it cleansed my face pretty decently. I still don't look like Angelina Jolie. whatevs. The Refined Finish was equal in a pleasant smells as the face wash but had a light scrub to exfoliate dead skin. Didn't feel much different and I remain a fan of my Sally's Queen Helene's Apricot Scrub. :) But it was fun to branch out of my norm.

Benefits facial wash & polish
 Next I received Caudalie Vinexpert  Firming Serum. I really like this product, I wish it was a larger sample. I think time will tell if it truly will effect my face but so far so good.  People have waxed poetic about this brand and I was so happy to finally have a go at it myself.

Caudalie firming serum
 The color club nail polish was legit..."status update" was the title and slate grey was the color. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's really a rad fall 2012 color...that quite possibly will last for years to come.

Color Club "status update"polish
Ok so I have totally bought into the whole glorified tinted moisturizer "BB" cream. I like to think that its making a diffence and my face is glowing but truth is in the states we do not create a true BB cream its more like a tinted moisterizer. True BB creams do not come as dark as the ones here, Dr.Jart+ cream came to me in such light form that it could have passed off as a real one. I ended up giving it to my mom because I looked like a ghost with it on. If you are wanting a BB cream/ tinted moisturizer I suggested Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer or Dior BB cream or Too Faced beauty balm. Just sayin'.

Dr.Jart+ BB cream
 And now for the Twistband hair tie...I'm not gonna lie somebody is making bank on these things. Seriously, it's a glorified colored piece of elastic. The upside is when you use in hair, though it doesn't have a tight hold on a ponytail, it won't leave a crease in your mane.

Lastly, I got a plastic bag from a brand called Tili. Very hip on design but its literally a overpriced Zippy lock bag, sandwich size.

Tili bag
I really enjoyed getting this extremely girly box full of goods & I am way looking forward to next month's surprises. And fellas you are so in luck, they totally have a box just for the male you can join in on the fun. Lucky. 

Enhance your beauty bur from the inside out. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

T-Shirt Time

Who doesn't have an old t-shirt that they either neglect or are thinking about tossing... 
                                                                                                                   ...We all do. 
So instead of forgoing them any longer how about re-purposing them . 

Check out my latest segment on Mirror Mirror with the ever so lovely Ms. Rebecca Speara. 

---> Click Here To Watch My DIY Re-Purposing T-Shirts on Mirror Mirror <---

Rebecca and I about to tackle 5 ways to re-purpose a T-shirt.

  • Spread an old t-shirt flat on a table
  • To create a pattern on top with a thick marker, draw across the collar, along the armpits, down the side and across the bottom
  • Grab your (sharp) scissors and start cutting along your pattern
  • When you're finished, it's all about how you put it on -- put both arms through the circle and let it fall like a vest!

  • Lay your t-shirt flat on a table
  • Grab a marker and create a one-inch border around the collar, pressing hard with your marker so it bleeds through to the other side
  • Draw another dotted line about one inch from the bottom hem of the shirt
  • Then draw another dotted line about an inch above that line
  • Flip the shirt over and follow the same pattern on the sleeves
  • Create a V along the neckline
  • Cut out your pattern
  • To make the racerback part, take the extra piece that you cut from the bottom and stretch it out
  • Cut it open to make one long strip
  • Gather the sleeves about two inches from the top and knot the strip around the sleeves
  • Then wrap the strip around and around, pulling tight and knotting it at the end

  • Fold a t-shirt in half, then quarters, then eighths
  • Cut one inch wide strips
  • Snip the pieces into long strips and pull to stretch out
  • Next, do a five strand braid...
  • Gather the ends of five stands together, knot them, and lay the strands out straight on the table
  • Starting at the right, take the end stand and cross it over the one next to it
  • Then take the middle strand and cross it over the one next to it in the same direction
  • Take the leftover stand and cross it over the stand next to it heading back in the other direction
  • Keep crossing the strands the same way, back and forth
  • Knot both ends and make a bracelet or necklace or headband!

  •  Grab an old t-shirt and lay it flat. 
  • Write out lyrics, poems or favorite quotes with Elmer's Gel Glue.
  • Allow the glue to completely dry, may take 45 min. 
  • Create your dye bath, instructions are HERE
  • Dunk shirt in for 5-15 min. in dye bath depending on desired. Make sure to wear gloves so your pretty nails do not find themselves dyed. 
  • Remove shirt from bath and let it dry. 
  • Wash in cold water and dry normally.

  • Create your pattern and draw on contact paper, sticky side down.
  • Razor cut your image on contact paper.
  • Take your dark t-shirt and lay it flat.
  • Make sure to put a thick piece of cardboard imbetween shirt. 
  • Peel off back side paper from contact sheet and place sticky side down on t-shirt. 
  • Scrub Clorax Bleach Pen over pattern. 
  • Allow bleach to completely dry. 
  • Peel of contact paper.
  • Wash in cold water seperately and dry normally.
  • Enjoy your cute "T'.
  •  Behind the scenes with Rebecca where great memories were made.
    Trying something new and getting creative empowers you on so many levels. So grab your favorite friends, a bottle of wine, a great music playlist and have a ball empowering your creativity.
     Get crackin'
    Ps Big thanks to Rebecca and the Mirror Mirror crew! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Love the sax guy that plays the classic "it's getting hot  in here". This random dance off after a `stros  game is a standard when lizzie poo and I get together...

LOVE MY FRIENDS...they make

Choose wisely who you hang with, they are keys to your destiny...just sayin'.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Head 'em up, move 'em out...

It's that time a year round these parts...its rodeo season. Oh yes, here in Texas there is a whole season for the rodeo. Like Christmas its one or the most wonderful times of the year! However living in the BIG city like Houston (because we know nothin' is small in Texas) it can be quite the adventure getting to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with all that stinkin traffic, but in the end...well worth it!

So if the timing or the traffic detour you away from the spirit of the rodeo how about throwing a party in its honor... as my mom would say its better than a stick in your eye.

succulants, bandanas used as flag banners or napkins, rope tied around cans or laid out on tables and old vintage jugs perfectly placed.
homemade bbq competitions, chili cook-offs, and roast corn in husk. delish.

Off to the races...have kids make their own horse on stick! Great tutorial at lightbluegrey

clint eastwood...nuff said. get a projector, throw blankets on the lawn and watch old western classics. good times.
I'll leave you with my Fox segment and the ever so funny Tom Zizka to inspire you to throw down one fantastic rodeo shindig.

Giddy up y'all...