Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I love lightboxes. I wish i could have them for every occasion and in every room. They remind me of the carnivals I never went to growing up. To me they convey whimsy and warmth.

When my dear friend Brandi Lisenbe asked me to inspire bloggers for the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday party, I thought what a great opportunity to build my own lightbox.

So here I am sharing my lightbox love...

  • First get a foam board and cut to size of whatever you are going to frame it out with, I cut mine to fit this awesome antique frame. Also, I have found that foam boards run between $4-6 at most places but if you hit up the Dollar store you can score by paying guessed it $1.00. 

  • Next you want to wrap your board in wrapping paper, I choose a gold foil for the holidays. Then write out what you are wanting to display. My personal choice was but the options are endless...Congrats, Happy Birthday, Merry get the drift. I added circles within the letters where I would wanted to see the lights shine through.  

  • Grab a handy dandy ice pick and poke holes where you put those conveniently placed circles within the letters.

  •  Now it's time to flip over your board and start pushing through Christmas lights wherever you see a hole.

  • From the back it might look like a hot mess but when you turn it around its a masterpiece in the making. took 200 lights, which means you will probably use tons of lights depending on how long your words are, so choose wisely. 

  • Flip it back around and place it in your frame of choice and Wham-o Bam-o a personalized lightbox!

Let there be light!

I couldn't just do one, could I?!

I absolutely love it and I'm sure all you fellow friends out there will be seeing one of these gems at my next party. 

So lets Party, Karamu, Fiesta, forever...All Night Long!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Enhance Your Holiday Table

Tis the Season to Get Festive... Click on link for my latest segment on Mirror Mirror's Holiday Special
( I come in on the scene with tips at 4:25)

1. The Foundation.
Using wrapping paper as your tablecloth for your event is not only great bc of the diverse variety but also its an easy clean up at the end of the night...we'll call that a huge WIN!

2. Reflection.
Who doesn’t have a mirror in their home? Adding mirrors are great for d├ęcor, reflecting light and can also be re-purposed as platters. And if needed, a convenient way to check for food in your teeth...Always need to be picture ready just in case. You're welcome. 

3. Let there be light.
Incorporating Christmas lights as your light source for your table and turning off all overhead light will not only bring a festive feel but also add some texture to your table. Throw a mesh ribbon on top of the lights to hide wire and soften the light for a heavenly glow.

4. Personalize.
Anything you can add to your table that makes it uniquely yours and shows how you put a personal touch to it will make it a royal hit. I love using mason jars adding a swipe of chalkboard paint on them and allowing guest to write their names on it so no one gets cooties... I mean who wants cooties? Also, you can use the chalkboard paint on mirrors, vases, platters, ect. as your personal party label maker. Its easy cleanup up with soapy water and a plastic scraper.

5. Glit-Dazzle.
By just adding glitter to things you already have can create a sparkle to any party; bottles, tree limbs, candles, platters, ect… hello Glit-dazzle or Glit-dazzle me pretty.

Last suggestion: Throw parties with people you love. Not only will they be a great help to you, but memories will be made and love will be shared. Special thanks to my beautiful and dear friend Kelly who came out to help!

Thank you Rebecca, Sabrina, and the LiveWell Network for having me on and thanks for continued education on bettering oneself.

Merry Christmas Ya'll.