Thursday, June 30, 2011

fears vs dreams

i fight the fear of rejection, imperfection, and not fulfilling my destiny.

 I dream of becoming a talk show host. I dream that I'll inspire lives through asking the right questions, encouraging, and sharing creativity and love. I dream I'll have enough love and resources to be able to attend to other's needs.
So the past couple of days I've been following my dear and talented friend Caitlin Crosby and creative genius Jeremy Cowart on twitter. They have teamed up with some amazing folks and are road trippin' across the country inspiring hearts, challenging fears, and encouraging people to remember their dreams. Cowart, Crosby and gang are not just asking the questions, but they're putting to use their gifts of photography & music to encourage people to live the life they were destined to live. Can you even begin to imagine the ripple effect of change that will happen when people live out their purpose??!!

I couldn't let an opportunity to voice my thoughts on this subject  go by, could i? they are as follows....lucky.

Fear vs Dreams...who wins? that my friend is up to you. 

We are all faced with fear...

fear of heights, failure, not being loved, poverty, death, travel, opinions of man, ect.

...and i pity the fool who never acknowledges them. um hello the first step is admitting you have a problem and let me tell you fear is most definitely a problem. DO NOT make fear your friend, DO NOT go have coffee with it, DO NOT allow your mind to accept it as "oh well, this it the deck i've been dealt". Make the choice, and love yourself enough to do the work to let it go so it no longer has the power to paralyze you from who you are and what you've been destined to do. In the words of Joyce Meyer..."do it afraid"!

I think one of the best things to "hiyah"ing fear is to DREAM, never stop dreaming and to dream even BIGGER than the dreams you've dreamed before. You see if you do not have a dream than you do not have a vision. Without a vision, you lose sight of purpose and you begin to drown in a pool of apathy and discontent; which will ultimately be the demise of your destiny. Don't do it come back into the light, step away from the ledge.

Now that you have your dream, you must BELIEVE it, PROTECT it, and FIGHT for it! I love the quote by John Osteen,
Great it is to dream the dream, as you stand in youth by the starry stream
 but a greater thing is to fight life through, and say at the end the dream is true.

When fear of rejection, imperfection, and not fulfilling my destiny comes into my mind, I remind myself that I have a dream and my dream is my destiny and if its destined it will come to pass. Therefore I see my dream not as my fantasy, its my reality.

So in the honor of dreaming the dream and "hiyah"ing my fears, i finished my reel. I'm sure along the way I'll make many adjustments  but woohoo I'm one step closer in making my dream come true. Just to disclaim: I'm no Jeremy Cowart, Donald Kilgore, Dan Rubottom, Micah Bickham, Taylor Gahm and Tim Schaaf but I gave it a good ole college try. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So guys recognize fear and fight it, dream bigger than ever before.

Live full, die empty.


p.s. Follow the fear vs dream journey on twitter #fearvsdreams

Thursday, June 2, 2011

i love summer!

Someone needs some blog sure did. so how about summer love?
best summer loves.

Head to we go!

Nars has come out with an easy trio compact with all my favorites: Orgasm/Albatross/Laguna. Light and easy for a fresh summer face.

NARS Portrait of Paradise Blush Bronzer Trio

Love your lips...bring on the BAM!

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

Bad hair day?...beach hair to the rescue, messy hair means awesome hair. Sunchild Salon turned me onto this amazing product, while Blonde Salon constantly creates my beachy blonde locks. Love them both!

i love my kevin murphy hair.resort.

Summer time means bathing suit season but nothing says swimsuit like JCrew. I don't even like swimsuits but dang, I'd own at least half of the ones from JCrew. Feminine and classy. i say yes!

JCrew swimsuits have my heart

Love me some flipflops, especially when they are worn in.

Rainbow flops are legit. classic really.

I love sundresses, all kinds make me happy. Long, short, sweetheart neckline, strapless, white, patterned, you name it I love it. Anthropologie has a plethora of sundress love, i wish it had more love for my pocketbook.

i feel so my head. thank you anthropologie.

If you are going to accessorize You, try and keep it simple, especially in the south.  Find a staple necklace that will draw good attention not your sweat from the hot southern air. (assuming you live in the south) The key necklaces below are my favorite. i love to wear them when i'm dressed up or dressed down. Its my signature piece that you can customize to make your own. Check them out at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno online shop!

i love keys.

End your summer look with a fabulous bag, keep light in color, texture or size. Most importantly, love your bag!

Chloe I love you even if you cost me my first born. 

happy times with summer loves.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

6 Men Vs 1 Woman

Recently I found myself looking through a bunch of Men's Journal Magazines at my sister's house. At the back of each issue they interview different men of different ages, cultures and professions. Some questions are the same, some are different. I pulled out a few Q & A's responses with 6 different men and decided that I would like to contribute my lady-like answers to the same questions. You're welcome.

So here are the players...

On the boys side.

Bear Grylls, 36, the Man vs Wild host and a really fine human specimen.

Kris Kristofferson- 73, songwriter, singer, and actor

David Mamet, 62, American Playwright and Director

Michael Douglas, 65, the Oscar winner actor best known for getting the catch of a lifetime, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Don Rickles, 84, A long time comedian and actor. Reprises his role as Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 3.

Ray Lewis, 35, The 11-time Pro Bowl linebacker, was the most dominant defensive player of the last decade.

On the girl side.

Me, 30, stylist, question asker, and friend


On woman…
 What should every man know about woman?

· They don’t care about how much you know. All they want to know is how much you care. BG

· If God made anything better than women, he kept it for himself. KK

· They don’t play fair. That’s a learned survival skill, though, because its not as if women have had a whole lot of choices through the generations. …They have a lot of power, those girls. MD

· They cost money. That’s a joke. DR

· We don’t do indifference, we want a man of character and conviction over a fat pocketbook. we love your attention whether a smile, hug, flowers, or a kind word; from you it means everything. KH

What’s the best way to impress a woman?

· Courtesy. DM

· By ignoring her. MD

· By not trying too hard. DR

·Being generous. KH

Best cure for heartache?

· Write a song. KK

· Girlfriends and a glass of wine, we just need to talk it out… and time. KH

On money…
What should every man know about money?

· As the old Yiddish proverb had it, “ Rich or poor, rich is better.” DM

· Line from Wallstreet “Money is a (bleep) who never sleeps, and if you don’t keep an eye on her, than you wake up in the morning and she’s gone. MD

· To enjoy it. DR

· Money doesn’t make a man, his character does. However, its just as easy to marry a rich man as it is a poor man. KH

On Life…
 How should a man best face his fears?

· Understand that fear is an emotion that’s there to give you an edge for what you need to do. It’s your instinct talking. If I’m honest, I get scared most days, but I try to use that. BG

· By doing things afraid. And maybe investing in a pair of depends. KH

What one thing should every man experience?

· Get up early and watch the sun come up at least once a year. It gives you a great perspective on life. And, sorry, sunsets are too easy. BG

· The presence of God and being pregnant. (For now men, you and I are only going to get the first.) KH

On skillz…
 What is the best survival skill you know?

· Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. KK

· Sit down and take a deep breath. DM

· Clean house, makeover a room or laugh as much as possible. KH

What skill should every man possess?

· You’ve got to be able to sell yourself. DR

· A work ethic. RL

· How to carve meat and open doors. KH

On men…
 What’s the best way to intimidate other men?

· By pure force. As a linebacker he wants people to say, “That joker didn’t slow down, he didn’t flinch, he didn’t brace just before the hit, he just came after me with everything he had.” That creates intimidation. RL

· A great pair of heels I mean shoes. A man that is comfortable in his own shoes literally and figuratively has power. KH

What’s the best way to motivate other men?

· As men we are built a certain way – to not share our feelings. Most of these guys I play with have pain they won’t share with nobody, so what I do is share mine first. I tell them a little bit of what I’ve been through. That kind of breaks them down. And once you’ve discussed these things it opens up a world of trust. Then when you step on the field, it creates a bond so strong. We’re on mind, one spirit. RL

· Patting them on the assets? or talking out crazy visions together and/or skydiving. KH

On getting older…
 How should a man handle getting older?

· Just keep getting as old as you can as long as you can. KK

· The body changes, so you have to adapt. DM

· With a giggle, hopefully. You’ve got to find a passion, even if it shocks you and breaks your normal patterns of watching football all weekend. MD

· By keeping busy, as busy as you can. DR

· Moisturize. Forgive yourself and others. Love and laugh at yourself. KH

And the winner is???
no one, cause the beauty of it all is everyone has an opinion and their own experience to back it up...but thanks for playing.

Speaking of playing I'd love to hear your answers to these questions. bring on the opinions and bring on the love.


*****note the above interviews were by Steven Russell; Ray Lewis interviewed by Dacus Thompson, all 6 were taken from different issues from Men's Journal.


Friday, February 11, 2011

7 tips to make this love day off the charts & ridiculously awesome

Change it up this valentines, get creative and be you.

1. Instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants make it more intimate and have a picnic at home. If you don't want to cook order in.

2. Instead of spending too much on a gift, make your own. Both of you write down on pink and purple hearts (purple for him and pink for her) 14 things that you love about your partner. Take turns picking from the jar and reading them out loud to one another. Its thoughtful and a great way to hear how much your partner likes being with you.

3. Choose an outfit that's cute and comfy. Better yet grab a shirt from his closet, pair it up with skinny jeans, go light on the makeup and you will come out looking easy, breezy and beautiful.

4. Tie blankets from the ceiling and throw pillows on the floor; create a romantic getaway right next to the fireplace. 

5. Candles are the easiest way to illuminate the room and bring a heavenly glow to your night. oh and its super cheap. Do it, it makes everything better.  

6. Bake together.  Cooking together brings connection, and the best part is, when its all said and done you get to enjoy the hard work together. Dessert anyone?

7. The most important thing to make your valentines night a success is being confident with who you are and what you bring to the relationship. Someone that likes who they are and can laugh at themselves is the most attractive quality that one can possess. The one you love choose to be with you on this designated love day, remember are the one they love.

Now to all the single ladies, like myself, I'd say bring on the picnic, just throw out the boyfriend shirt because its probably an ex's and well that just depressing.

Love is the greatest gift ya'll...


Monday, January 10, 2011

I like the way you type that...

I love typography, from the swirls to the ink blot that create their beautiful individual styles. Here are a few of my recent find favorites.

it reminds my of an 80's romance novel

i feel like going to a carnival

i love the mix of handwritten type

ink blot. imperfection. mystery. = beautiful

perfect quirky formal type

perfect ambiguous type plus i love color choice  

Branch out and find your own style, don't stick to a generic one and be bored.


Monday, January 3, 2011

5 makeup loves for 2011

I believe in natural beauty, however I also believe in enhancing the natural beauty that you have. Here are my top five favorite makeup products.

Revlon Color Stay Liner
don't leave cap off liner, es muy bad
Lining the top inner eyelid is a great way to define the eye and make your eye look larger. Check out my Fox segment below where I show you how to apply the liner to your eye.

NARS blush Orgasm
i apologize for the name, but its the best color ever!

Horrible name just horrible, but a beautiful color. Get that youthful glow your face with this lovely blush. Apply directly on cheek bone.

NARS blush Exhibit A
WATCH OUT: when apply it can be this bright
My dear friend Erin, who does makeup for such stars as Lucy Lu and Ellen Pompeo recommend this color to give the face a fresh look. She also advises to use a light hand when applying it to the apples of the cheek. This is not an all over color.

NARS Albatross Highlight Color
highlighter of my year scratch that life
This is a great highlight color to apply not only to your your lid at the inner corner of eyes (this will make your eyes appear larger) and the brow bone, this color is also great to apply right above the cheekbones.

Revlon's Super Lustrous lipgloss
nude luster 3rd from left

A perfect shine & lasting lipgloss. Similar in consistency to Chanel's lipglosses but for a quarter of the price. I LOVE Nude luster, a great neutral color for all skin tones.

I highly recommend going to, a great resource where you can read reviews or find out more information about a plethora of beauty products.

Watch video for helpful makeup tips.

Enjoy the tips and know that the best beauty comes from confidence in one's self. You loving you will make the most beautiful you.


New Years 2011

I cannot believe we are entering into another decade, here are some ideas to go out with a BANG BAM BOOM!

  • Champagne Mixer Bar with Vintage Glasses
  • 6 Month Resolution Reminder Photo
  • Handmade Balloon drop
Check out segment for the details.

For more ideas, check out last year's New Year's segment  Take time to celebrate a whole new year to be a whole new you. Forgive others and yourself, Love BIG, Fight for your dreams, & get creative. I'm believing for my dreams to come to pass this year, believe for yourself and we can have a tag team victory dance.

Happy New Years Folks, make it the best year yet!