Monday, January 10, 2011

I like the way you type that...

I love typography, from the swirls to the ink blot that create their beautiful individual styles. Here are a few of my recent find favorites.

it reminds my of an 80's romance novel

i feel like going to a carnival

i love the mix of handwritten type

ink blot. imperfection. mystery. = beautiful

perfect quirky formal type

perfect ambiguous type plus i love color choice  

Branch out and find your own style, don't stick to a generic one and be bored.


Monday, January 3, 2011

5 makeup loves for 2011

I believe in natural beauty, however I also believe in enhancing the natural beauty that you have. Here are my top five favorite makeup products.

Revlon Color Stay Liner
don't leave cap off liner, es muy bad
Lining the top inner eyelid is a great way to define the eye and make your eye look larger. Check out my Fox segment below where I show you how to apply the liner to your eye.

NARS blush Orgasm
i apologize for the name, but its the best color ever!

Horrible name just horrible, but a beautiful color. Get that youthful glow your face with this lovely blush. Apply directly on cheek bone.

NARS blush Exhibit A
WATCH OUT: when apply it can be this bright
My dear friend Erin, who does makeup for such stars as Lucy Lu and Ellen Pompeo recommend this color to give the face a fresh look. She also advises to use a light hand when applying it to the apples of the cheek. This is not an all over color.

NARS Albatross Highlight Color
highlighter of my year scratch that life
This is a great highlight color to apply not only to your your lid at the inner corner of eyes (this will make your eyes appear larger) and the brow bone, this color is also great to apply right above the cheekbones.

Revlon's Super Lustrous lipgloss
nude luster 3rd from left

A perfect shine & lasting lipgloss. Similar in consistency to Chanel's lipglosses but for a quarter of the price. I LOVE Nude luster, a great neutral color for all skin tones.

I highly recommend going to, a great resource where you can read reviews or find out more information about a plethora of beauty products.

Watch video for helpful makeup tips.

Enjoy the tips and know that the best beauty comes from confidence in one's self. You loving you will make the most beautiful you.


New Years 2011

I cannot believe we are entering into another decade, here are some ideas to go out with a BANG BAM BOOM!

  • Champagne Mixer Bar with Vintage Glasses
  • 6 Month Resolution Reminder Photo
  • Handmade Balloon drop
Check out segment for the details.

For more ideas, check out last year's New Year's segment  Take time to celebrate a whole new year to be a whole new you. Forgive others and yourself, Love BIG, Fight for your dreams, & get creative. I'm believing for my dreams to come to pass this year, believe for yourself and we can have a tag team victory dance.

Happy New Years Folks, make it the best year yet!